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Our love of music drives us forward. Excellent artist development and visionary marketing strategies will put you on your way. As an exclusive agency for artists, STARS.Community promotes exceptional talent at a high level and works exclusively with artists, brands and companies worldwide. We do everything we can to channel our expertise and experience into the career planning of professional musicians.

We take on the exclusive management of established artists and talented acts of any music genre. Our network of cooperation partners on six continents is a sure path to profitable collaboration.
The power of our community:
Collegial support, support of all genres and acts from all over the world. This is how supports musicians worldwide. No barriers, no restraint. Just the full range of media possibilities. This always includes audio and video streams, social media events and networking, and the integration of classic magazines and news portals.

Musicians under contract with STARS.Community get the chance to participate in specially organized creative projects, cooperation meetings and online/offline concerts. Creating publicity together, reaching fans and opening up new worlds of music. That's the power of our community.

If the community grows, the success of each artist grows continuously, steadily, internationally ...

Artists Management

Creative promotion

Great music emerges where artists feel free to create. Fascinating works evolve in a community of like-minded creatives. We provide a suitable environment for this by taking over all strategic and organizational aspects of artist marketing.

Up-and-coming and established artists find in us an exclusive partner and comprehensive support for all musical and commercial challenges. Our network of creative minds from different musical genres provides the framework for continuous artistic development.
Artist support is worthless without economic and strategic support. Therefore, we create promotional and marketing strategies, coach artists in dealing with the press, for stage appearances and unvarying professional styling. We bring artists of different styles and genres together to share experiences with each other.

All taken care of: STARS.Community handles all the acquisition work involved (endorsements, sponsorship/advertising contracts). The clear focus is on the strategic placement of the artist with agencies, publishers and labels in a way that suits their image.

Artists Management

Managing the artists’ needs.

Artist growth

Artists need to grow. Planning and further development of exclusive artist concepts with market potential.

Career Management

Positioning for success. Development of suitable concepts for artist placement in the public sphere.

Image development

Public image for predictable success. Strategic development of marketable artist images.

Product progress

Music products that sell. Development, design and packaging for digital markets.

Marketing strategy

Strategic marketing. Conception of marketing plans for set career stages. Offline and digitally on social networks and audio streaming services.

Media strategy

Strategic use of media. Conception of communication guidelines for (digital) media.


Promotion for the best!

Social media presence is extremely important for artists to reach and build a brand, but simply uploading content and hoping someone will "Like it" is definitely not enough.

STARS.Communities certified social media marketing team offers customized solutions for your specific needs in engaging the public.

With an in advanced developed and customized strategy, we optimize your presence in social media. In addition, we continuously develop new content based on a content strategy.
In doing so, our team uses a data-based approach to enable success monitoring, using pre-determined key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our experts in content management and social media management enable us to produce effective and targeted content for you. For every kind of content you need.


Concept and strategy

PR & Media Strategy

Creative public image for predictable success. Strategic development of marketable artist images.

Social Media Management

Conception and practical implementation. Administration and continuous extension of reach on popular social media platforms.

Artist Community

The fan base for successful artists. Creation of strong on/offline communities for artist support, promotion and international recognition.


Networking in the industry. Cooperation partners, studio locations and music creators from various fields in the international STARS.Community network.

Promotion Coaching

Strategic self-marketing for artists. Conception, advice and support for authentic artist presentation in social media, at interviews and live events.

Media strategy

Strategic use of media. Skilled conception of communication guidelines for (digital) media.


Managing the media

STARS.Community merges digital and analog media worlds for comprehensive artist promotion. We use the local and international press, digital niche magazines and social media platforms for effective PR announcements of performances, releases and collaborations.
The media mix makes the difference.
Without the skillful use of media, singers, music creators, composers and fans cannot connect. Analog and digital media create a presence and provide the stage for emerging exceptional talent to be seen, heard and celebrated. The world is only a stage when outstanding talent becomes visible. We are convinced of that! We harness the opportunities of the digitized world on behalf of great artists.

Our experienced staff advise on various methods and ways to skillfully place upcoming releases and appearances in the media. Always with the aim of optimally presenting the artist's image and artistic intention.
Advertising is everything.
Individual ad campaigns and professional media deployment create the basis for artists and musicians whose works will be on everyone's lips in the future. That means we rely on professional promotion, social ads and professional campaigning to reach the public for our community.
Professional support.
Excellent results require excellent tools. We offer our artists comprehensive support, from the strategic development of PR measures and their implementation to reporting and evaluation of the success of media use.
Our agency professionals set up target group-specific campaigns for social media and accompany events or appearances on site and digitally.


Artists meets the public

Traditional media

TV, print and radio. Traditional media for promotion, event announcements and event coverage.

Digital news

Digital magazines, online streams and podcasts. International reporting through clever digital networking.

Campaigning & ads

Awareness through promotion. Individual campaign creation with SEA, Google Ads, social media ads for increasing awareness and better sales figures at album release.

International support

Cooperation partners on 6 continents. Representation where your music is appreciated.

Network promotion

Achieving more together. Design and execution of strategic partnerships with established artists across all channels.

Social media representation

Visibility through representation. Promotion of events, performances and releases through STARS.Community, both analog and digital.


Your international audience

Modern artist management uses digital distribution and marketing channels. As a specialist for audio and video streaming, STARS.Community takes over all steps for your international music career.
Professional support from the very beginning:
- Creation of user accounts, profiles or channels on streaming platforms;

- Conception and implementation of marketing campaigns for the effective PR marketing of outstanding compositions

- Streaming account maintenance, including billing

In this way, emerging and established artists gain access to an international audience. Music lovers and musicians find each other via independent playlists curated by STARS.Community.
Audio streaming
Marketing for and support on all relevant audio streaming platforms.
Video streaming
Marketing for and support on suitable video streaming platforms.
Streaming strategy
Marketing concepts for digital music marketing from a single source.
International audience
Inclusion in our independent playlists and exclusive marketing via worldwide cooperation partnerships.

Streaming Dienste

Audio und Video Streaming


Professional Recording

Outstanding compositions require competent production and post-production support by skilled and experienced sound engineers. STARS.Community takes over the complete process of high-quality song production in our in-house recording studio with experienced sound specialists.

We offer musicians and singers a professional and clean production/post-production of their pieces. The idea for outstanding classical and pop culture compositions turns into high-quality works that can be published or submitted for competitions.
For composers, we arrange suitable ensembles, studio equipment and all necessary instruments. This creates perfectly staged sound experiences that can be marketed worldwide.

We create sound worlds that stand out from the crowd and stage audio and video recordings as well as live concert accompaniments to match the individual artist’s image. For impressive pieces of music that will find recognition in front of any international audience.


Recording great music


From the idea to the digital piece of music. From classical music to popular jazz music: professionally arranged ensemble recordings for perfect sound worlds.

CD production

Demo and album conception. Excellent music representation in CD format and digital versions for streaming portals and websites.


Editing, mixing and mastering. Professional post-processing of existing recordings and new recordings for optimal sound experiences.

Video production

Live-in-concert and studio recordings. High-quality video staging of your artistic performance for marketing and promotion.

Event streaming

Technical implementation of the digitization of live events. Concept, realization and post-production of live performances.

Music recording

High-quality studio recordings with post production from a single source. For contest entries & demo tapes.


We organize your career.

We know from experience that artists need sufficient space to create superb works of art. Organizational and administrative tasks limit this space, distract and slow down outstanding musicians.

We support excellent artists and take over all administrative activities. As part of promotion via website creation, photo and video shoots for demo tapes up to individual tour planning
Convincing concert concepts.
We take care of performance concepts, hall organization and all administration. We ensure smooth processes in hall organization, ticket sales, on-site support, press contact and promotion.
Professional event organization.
Signing sessions, meet-the-artist and other events must be strategically planned, coordinated and accompanied by media. We organize all matters around event organization. This reliably takes the burden off the artist so that their head remains free for the music.
Bookings without compromise.
Concert tours, small and large performances at music events and festivals are in good hands with our reliable staff. As an artist agency, we rely on transparent booking processes. The focus is always on events that match the individual artist's image, international cooperation partners and media opportunities for public relations.


Organizing artists’ needs


All-round service for a superb online presentation. Remarkable Internet presences, including hosting, a suitable domain name, email service and content support.


Storytelling for the artist’s image. From website texts to flyers, event announcements and social media posts. The text expertise that is indispensable for successful artists.

Professional portraits

For distinctive artist performances. Network of outstanding photographers and videographers for exclusive, professional shoots.

Event organization

Conception, implementation and marketing of exclusive events. From location booking to ticket sales and media preparation.

Concert organization

Our international cooperation network for concert venues. For opening up new audience worlds around the globe.


Promotion and booking from one source. International cooperation partners for performances – worldwide..